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Society expects girls to listen carefully, speak softly, not curse, and avoid topics unbecoming of a lady.

Comedy gives girls the power to get around that.

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Even if you don't want to be a famous comedian learning how to do stand-up is oddly empowering.


Stand-up teaches you how to be confident despite your level of self-esteem. How to sell your ideas in a way people listen to and remember. The ability to read a room and capture an audience is the key to comedy and business.


You can call comedy a joke if you want to... But it isn't. 

 I can't "make you funny" or teach you "how to write jokes". That would put me into a category of comedy-street-garbage that I have no interest in joining. There is no "level 2 class". I won't give you a "funny certificate" at the end.  I'll help you find the jokes you don't know you already have and turn them into YOUR comedy. I'll show you how to take it on stage, how to apply it at work, and how new avenues like podcasts and social feeds offer new ways to monetize it. 

I've been kicked off Last Comic Standing four times. I've been on Comedy Central, Showtime, and was a nationally touring headliner for 10 years. Besides being on stage I've started agencies and even founded a media company that was bought by Amazon in 2015. 

My point is, stand-up comedy leads to more than just jokes.

Sundays from 1 pm - 4 pm at The Funny Bone in Westport Plaza. 

Six weeks of no-bro comedy

Stand-up is easy when you are in a room full of people with a shared experience. It's also helpful if you don't have to worry about your hair.  It's complicated but, the bottom line is that women and men are different and so is our comedy. I'm excited about what will happen when we start it out that way. I'm hoping more women find more microphones and get up on more stages. 

Secret message received.


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